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I’m sure I’ve got a book or two in me… and I’ve been contributing content to an online magazine for a few years now.

Spinning in the yogic philosophies with my training and experience as an NLP practitioner, I aim to bring a modern perspective to spirituality, productivity and creativity.

Here are some previous coaching articles written for Balance Garden on:

  • Wellbeing
  • Setting and keeping to life goals throughout the year

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Striking a balance across the commitments we make with others, keeping up with the life admin, our work, our future plans and our health can be tricky. But we can cultivate balance in the weekly whirlwind by upping the self-care. Here are six key principles. Read more >>

Affirmations for our five bodies

The way to speak to ourselves when we need to recover or want to stay well. And how I used this ancient yogi perspective to heal from serious illness. Read more >>

HOW To create your own recipe for life

‘Do this’, ‘think that’, ‘buy those’, ‘be like this…’. These messages are everywhere… Often these expectations come without instructions and we’ve got to figure it out for ourselves. When tackling any new learning, there are four levels of thinking … explained using my personal ten-year journey to perfecting my favourite soup recipe. Read more >>


How yoga philosophy helped my slow journey to veganism and my four top tips for making a sustainable, healthy changeRead more >>

Setting and keeping to life goals throughout the year


A self-reflection game, encouraging positive and honest reflection for turning your visions into reality. What would you like to create, resolve and complete over the coming months? Read more >>

Planning a whole life with the chakras

How can everyday life bring you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? In this article, I explore how we can use chakras and Neuro Linguistic Programming to set resolutions and routines which lead us to a golden pot of wholeness. Read more >>

Crafting sticky resolutions

How winter can help us set authentic goals. Read more >>

WHAt’s my life-pie?

Come spring, it’s a great time to review how the seeds we planted at the start of the year are progressing. Here are three questions you can ask to help you check in on your journey. Read more >>

Striking a balance

As we work toward our goals, here are some thoughts on what work-life balance means and how we can flow through to the end of the year. Read more >>

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