So here’s the thing…

I’m not three people. I just love to create communities of support, collaboration and connection through my work in music, coaching and yoga. Yes, all three. They’re not so different.

I’m motivated by change and helping – changing myself, changing the world, helping you be the change you want to see. I come at this with strong ethics in creating well-being and developing authentic voice. And I aim to facilitate empowerment and fun in all I do, contributing to the evolution of a kinder way of being toward ourselves and indeed, the world around us.

I can help by providing musical entertainment, well being events with yoga and coaching elements or walking by your side as you work toward your goals. I’m London based but work worldwide. If any of this interests you, I’d love to see you.

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* Yoga * Workshops and classes * One to one *

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Email: phoebewhiteconsulting@gmail.com

WhatsApp: 07779 008321